Though they’ve existed in some form since the time your twelfth-great grandfather was learning to lace his boots, braces have truly come a long way. Today’s orthodontic professionals have created sophisticated and personalized systems to gradually guide your teeth into a neat and tidy line, free of gaps, crowding, uneven bites and other functional or cosmetic concerns. Our orthodontists, Dr. Thuy Nguyen and associates, want you to have pearly whites you can brag to your besties about, inspiring envy and rage for the fresh chompers they don’t have. At Bayou Braces and Dentistry, we offer you traditional metal braces as well as clear braces that are less noticeable.

If you’ve got a hankering for some metal or clear braces in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, please give our crew a call at (225) 926-4133 today!